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Meet our dedicated team of video game specialists and enthusiasts.
Sawudat Abraham

Sawudat Abraham


Sawudat Abraham is an Author|Consultant|Entrepreneur of Multiple Businesses Mobile VideoGame Den, Inc., and AGA Daycare Consulting Services, Inc. She holds a Master of Public Administration (MPA), a BA in Business Management and a Child Development Associate certificate (CDA). She is a certified HSI Safety Instructor. Former Owner|Director, Baby Cubs Daycare, Inc. An Author of the book “Married to Your Business Falling in Love with Entrepreneurship”.

Gary Rogers

Gary Rogers, Jr.

Gamer Aide

Gary is experienced in playing with the latest games and various video game systems (e.g., PS4, Nintendo Switch, X-box, etc.) and he has some coding experience creating apps as well.

Dylan Graham

Dylan Graham

IT Director

Dylan Graham is a video game expert and enthusiast. Dylan has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. Dylan is our consultant for anything related to games..

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